Thursday, May 31, 2012

ESL Staff discussing art with students

Parents examining art
 ELECT - Principle - Partnership with families and communities- Photo Art Project con't.- We have mounted and opened our exhibit in the offices of Graybridge Malkam. We discussed the mounting and decided to take a professional approach after looking online with the Kindergarten Children at different art exhibits and how they were curated. As well, the children recall how the exhibit they saw at the National Gallery was mounted (complete with description of the exhibit!) . They wanted it to look like "they are in the the museum".
I have attached a couple photos of our opening, unfortunately you can not see the pride on the children's faces(we did not want to publish children's faces,sorry) as they described(reflection) how they did their work to their parents. I wish I could have understood them, but of course they were all speaking in their own home languages.  Some of the families have brought their relatives in to see the work, and I have taken pictures to email to them.  One family is moving the program before the exhibit is done so they will send me a forwarding address to ship their sons work to them.  We have received rave reviews from office personnel outside of the Child Care, and visitors to the office. Clearly this has been taken very seriously by everyone with great respect given to the works of art. Apart from the obvious benefits to the children, this project is further building community for our families, creating opportunities for dialogue about ELECT and shining a positive light on the importance of "child's work".  It is making adults think! 

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