Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Implementing ELECT at the PFLC's

At the Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, our intentional programming focuses on highlighting and practicing the Guiding Principles as well as the introduction and implementation of the vocabulary of ELECT.

We are fortunate to have the parents and primary caregivers with us during the program, often for several hours at a time, allowing for meaningful conversation in real time. We recognize that verbal exchanges work best for our communities. Parents and caregivers are much more willing to participate in the all aspects of the program if they feel they are a valued partner.

We welcome many families from our communities including many new Canadians and ESL families. We have found that too much posted text can be overwhelming for all and have decided as a group to implement ELECT strategically in the following ways:

1)      Through photo albums placed within the classroom. This allows discussions between all participants in all languages and direct conversation. It also allows for us to compare and describe the continuum of development in the moment with the parent or the caregiver. For example, “Do you remember when we took this picture she would take a toy away from another child when she wanted to play with it, now she asking for a turn. She is developing her social skills”.

2)      Picture walls that include a learning activity and some corresponding ELECT information.

3)      Modified ELECT booklet for participant use. We have included the introduction, the guiding principles and the continuum of development to optimize viewing.

4)      Learning Stories on tables and inserted into our modified ELECT binders to illustrate an example.

5)      Discussion during circle time allowing for explanation of skill indicators. For example, after finishing a story, pose questions to challenge recall skills. Let the adults know that this type of questioning increases memory capacity.

6)      Recording observations and engaging in verbal discussions throughout the day.


Note: this is a compilation of all PFLC site strategies. Each facilitator determines how her site will implement ELECT based on the needs of the community.



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