Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You asked for it… We did it!

The Ottawa ELECT Committee is very pleased to announce that we received funding from the Ottawa Best Start Steering Committee to develop:

1)      resource kits; and
2)      video information segments
Both will be available through the blog within the next 2 weeks! 

The resource kits are filled with… well… resources!  You name it, we’ve got it.  Templates for programming, general strategies for implementation, ideas for discussions, examples from other centres, etc…  We have also made sure that there is something for everyone and every sector from home licensed care to Ontario Early Years Centres.  These resources will be available on-line through the blog.
The video information segments are geared towards supervisors or individuals in a leadership role but everyone will be able to take away something from these segments.  To make the videos, we interviewed professionals from all the sectors to give us their views, insights, and examples of ELECT in their settings.  We have also captured the Francophone community to get an understanding of ELECT from their unique perspective.

As co-chairs of the Ottawa ELECT Committee working closely on this project, Kathy Knight-Robinson and I have had an amazing time meeting brilliant people in the Early Years profession and seeing the power of ELECT to transform and enhance how we work with children and families.  Thank you to those who shared their stories, experiences and resources.  Kathy and I have been inspired and we are sure you will be too! 
Don’t forget to check back in within the next two weeks!  Even better, subscribe to the blog and be among the first to find out when these fantastic resources will be posted!!!!

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