Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interactive Programming Communication

We are having great success using a large Webbing Board in our room. Thanks to someone for this great idea (I would love to take credit, but alas it was not me!) this is proving to be the perfect solution to our issues of communication due to language and literacy challenges.  Working with a group of people representing 11 or 12 different countries all at different levels of skill in reading and writing in one common language can be a big challenge! The Webbing Board allows us to use pictures and fun artsy touches to convey our program in one easy to read place. Both staff and parents can add to it, which means we have a collaborative program.   Parents are happy to see the daily growth of the board, and have a great time with the pictionary aspect!!!! Not always neat and tidy but fun, informative, interactive, inclusive and easy to use cross-culturally.


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