Thursday, May 24, 2012

We visited the national Gallery where there was a photo Exhibit on object compairason. The children were intrigued and started using the photo block cameras to take pictures of objects in the room. We got out our digital and have been letting them use it to take pictures, then pulling them up on the computer and discussing composition, form , color and content. Excellent language tool! Note: put the safety strap around their wrist to avoid disaster when they get so excited they drop the camera!!!!
Our next step will be to print them and frame them for our own Graybridge Gallery!
I added some examples of the hundreds of shots they have taken.

One of our parents just suggested we publish a newsletter/gallery program for the rest of the students so they can come view the childrens work...great idea.

If anyone else has ideas we are happy to hear them.


  1. I love this idea! Using their outing as a starting point and building on it is such a great way to get them excited about learning and exploring.

    Giving them the opportunity to take pictures of other creations such as structures they have built with blocks or when they get dressed up in the dramatic play corner could be an interesting addition.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. great suggestion Natalie-thanks- We think that this project will be ongoing for some time to come. I decided to make the camera available to them and already two children have come and asked if they can take a picture of their creations. We may stop adult documentation altogether!- in favor of letting the children who want to document their own work. I only wish that we could afford a childrens camera so that we could just leave it in the room without supervision for use(ie safety strap, and watching them) so they could be really free to record what they want.


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