Thursday, January 31, 2013

A week filled with activities at the OEYC Ottawa South to celebrate Family Literacy Day 2013

By Julie Cloutier, Early Years Educator

This year at the Early Years Centre Ottawa South we wanted to involve our families a little more in ways of raising awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities.

To celebrate the importance of literacy, we asked parents/guardians/caregivers to share their favourite book or song during circle time throughout the week. Staff also made posters of their favourite book which were posted in their playgroups and we placed "Literacy Caterpillars" at each of our sites to give everyone, big and small, the opportunity to highlight their favourite book! Our caterpillars are growing every day!

Families and caregivers attending playgroup had the chance to enter their names for several book draws. For our Daddy and Me playgroup we invited a special guest to play guitar and co-animate circle time.
Families had the opportunity to sign up for our Little Book Worms: I Love Books! workshop. In this workshop, families shared in the magic of books by doing different activities related to the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". Children made letters out of playdough, used magnetic letters to act out the story and wrote and illustrated their own books.

In addition to these activities, programming in some of the playgroup locations was done to reflect on literacy.At our French playgroup, Marius Barbeau, the art table was set up for children to make their own books and an "invitation to learning" was set out on the cognitive table which included a colour sorting activity, manipulatives as well as books so children could relate what they see in books to their play.

At our Don Reid location, the sensory bin was filled with alphabet sponges. The children could enjoy looking for the letters of their name!
At Hunt Club Riverside, the children were able to enjoy the book "Here's the chick, Where's the chick?" and try to recognize the different sounds of the animals in the book. There was also linking letter monkeys at the manipulative table for children to practice their alphabet, recognize different letters and increase their fine motor skills by linking the monkeys together!

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