Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Permanency for Literacy

Permanency for Literacy

Our preschoolers assisted with the set up of a post office for literacy week. A table was set up with various writing tools, white, lined and colored paper, envelopes, stamps, stampers and ink, stickers, homemade blank mini books, little packaging boxes, a decorated mailbox, booklets donated by Canada Post, and Postal carrier uniforms.
To build letter recognition we have letters all over the table and often point to the letter that begins with their name and say its sound.
Together we look at their books and build on their vocabulary.
We are exploring the meaning of any unfamiliar words and relating the words to something the children already know and use new words in many different situations to develop the English language.

This is a great opportunity extent the power of literacy.
The children begin to express themselves in print and see themselves as competent and capable of self direction. They pretend to write letters and words, collect and organize information, use objects to construct pictorial graphs, pose questions, and generate answers….and so much more!
The children spend several minutes at the postal area. This confirms their pleasure and enjoyment with the print materials as they express satisfaction and joy when the make their own books and create packages for loved ones.

Young children’s first natural attempt to write are usually scribbles. From scribbles, children begin to figure out that these marks on paper can be signs of meaning.

The postal area is now a permanent station in our classroom.

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