Monday, October 29, 2012

Reviewing Principle 2 of ELECT

As you may remember, at the OEYC Ottawa South, we are in the process of reviewing the principles of ELECT at our monthly team meetings. At our next meeting this week, we are going to be taking a look at the second principle of ELECT:
Partnerships with families and communities help early childhood settings to best meet the needs of young children.
In order to get the discussion going, we once again used the Ministry of Education site as a resource. All members of the team have looked at the videos and were sent several questions pulled from the text on the site.
We will be asking the following questions:
Do we:
  • Maintain a positive, welcoming climate, where all family perspectives are encouraged, valued and heard?
  • Arrange the physical environment so that family members are comfortable and “at home” (e.g. display photos of children, provide books and materials representing children's culture and first language)?
  • Discuss how child's play demonstrates learning and development, and share ways that this learning can be extended at home?
  • Support families with parenting challenges, working through situations together?
  • Describe our planning process to families, and encourage their suggestions and involvement?
  • Connect families with each other and with community partners, to help create supportive social networks?


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