ELECT Ambassador Position Description

Early Learning for Every Child Today
 Ambassador Position Description

ELECT document:

Early Learning for Every Child Today is a provincial curriculum framework for early learning programs.  This document serves only as a guide and its adaptability is endless, varying from one program to the next.  The value of adopting this framework universally throughout Ontario will be highly beneficial to the accountability in the early learning sector.

Position Summary:

As an ELECT Ambassador, you represent one of the early years sectors (e.g. home care, group care, OEYC, nursery school, etc…).  You have a general understanding of ELECT and will foster a deeper understanding though shared conversations, ideas, and practices with peers in your sector.  As such, you solicit sector cooperation and facilitate implementation of the Guiding Principles, Continuum of Development and assessment methodology.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Work with ambassadors from your sector to determine goals, quantifiable steps to reach goals, identify necessary supports, and identify evaluation processes;
  • Attend community training event(s) and facilitate discussions within your sector regarding implementation of ELECT framework;
  • Provide on-going support to your sector as they move through implementation (this could be thought sector meetings, e-mail and phone conversations, site visits, etc);
  • To actively post on the blog;
  • To participate in training when offered;
  • To ensure ELECT is added to agendas at community meetings;
  • To engage colleagues and collect their ideas and information;
  • To continue learning and share what you are learning in relation to ELECT;
  • Disseminate information from ELECT Committee Meeting notes to sector meetings; and
  • To enjoy what you are doing

Revised May 2012

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